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Retinal Detachment Treatment Reno, NV

The retina is the film of the eye’s camera. It is supported by the retinal pigmented epithelium and when the retina falls away from this layer we call this a retinal detachment. There are three types of retinal detachment:
Rhegmatogenous detachments occur from a break in the retina followed by fluid seeping between the layers.
Exudative or serous detachments occur when fluid accumulates between the retina and the pigmented layers without a break.
Tractional detachments occur as fibrous tissue on the inside of the eye pulls the retina away.
Retinal detachments are a very serious condition that require immediate evaluation to avoid blindness. Treatment for retinal detachments include cryotherapy, laser photocoagulation, pneumatic retinopexy (gas bubble), vitrectomy and scleral buckling.
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