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The Digital Lifestyle Exam

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Visionary Eye Center is proud to offer a break from the normal eye exam using the latest in diagnostic technology. Our lifestyle eye center provides the Digital Lifestyle Exam which starts with sophisticated digital retinal imaging providing a rapid analysis for conditions like ocular diabetes, retinal high blood pressure signs and macular degeneration. Next our digital prescription analyzer maps your eye’s curvature and power in under 30 seconds, reducing the amount of guesswork to determine your glasses prescription. Nothing else provides a more precise eye exam. This allows you to spend more face time discussing with our Reno eye doctor how you use your eyes rather than answering the dreaded, “better one or two?” Up next is our no-puff test for glaucoma, so gentle even an infant can do it. No more shocking puff of air! Afterwards, our lifestyle eye center will review your history and our doctor will discuss your specific visual needs before finalizing your prescription, completing a thorough eye health evaluation, and reviewing all the information with you in the consultation room. Just so you know, the Digital Lifestyle Exam is perfect for kids too!
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