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A Comprehensive Assessment of Your Eye Health with Our Reno Eye Doctor

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Visionary Eye Center is proud to provide a break from the typical eye exam by offering comprehensive vision analysis’ using the latest in diagnostic technology. Our Reno optometrist offers the Digital Lifestyle Exam to all patients as a key component in determining the appropriate course of treatment for their eye concerns. You can trust our Reno eye doctor to fully assess your eye health from vision concerns you may have to health conditions that may be affecting your eyesight. Learn more about the Digital Lifestyle Exam with Dr. Bolenbaker.

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Annual Eye Exams with a Reno Optometrist

Unlike regular eye exams, a comprehensive eye exam dives much deeper into your eye health. During your comprehensive Digital Lifestyle Exam, the optometrist will assess your entire visual system with special emphasis on your unique visual needs in this digital world. Your Reno eye doctor may also perform a combination of eye tests depending on your age, health history, and risk factors for conditions like glaucoma and diabetes.

It’s typically recommended for everyone—young and old—to have an annual eye exam. This is even more crucial for patients with a history of vision problems, patients over the age of 40, and patients with pre-existing conditions like diabetes. Even children are at risk of developing eye conditions that can hinder their vision.

With an annual eye exam, your Reno optometrist will be able to catch signs of vision loss and other eye conditions early on to prevent further damage.

Eye Exams for Kids

Because a majority of eye conditions worsen as we age, children tend to have better vision than adults, however, this isn’t always the case. Vision problems can occur for a variety of reasons such as an injury to the eye or a hereditary disease that’s been passed down. Some scholars suggest that an estimated 5-10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children have vision problems, many of which lead to difficulty in school.

Your Reno eye doctor will use this time to assess your child’s eye health and determine if they’re at risk for developing eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia or strabismus.
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The Digital Lifestyle Exam at Visionary Eye Center

Our lifestyle eye center offers the Digital Lifestyle Exam which starts with our digital prescription analyzer that maps your eye’s curvature and power in under 30 seconds, reducing the amount of guesswork to determine your glasses prescription. Nothing else provides a more precise eye exam. This allows you to spend more face time discussing with our Reno eye doctor how you use your eyes rather than answering the dreaded, “better one or two?” you’re so used to hearing.

Next, sophisticated digital retinal imaging provides a rapid analysis for conditions like ocular diabetes, retinal high blood pressure signs, and macular degeneration. Our eye doctor is able to detect retinal diseases years before they cause vision loss, allowing for the earliest treatment to help you see your best. This service is a crucial part of our advanced testing and may incur an additional copay depending on your insurance coverage.

Once these steps are completed, we’ll perform our no-puff test for glaucoma which is so gentle even an infant wouldn’t be bothered by it which means no more shocking puff of air! Afterward, our Reno optometrist will review your history and discuss your specific visual needs before finalizing your prescription, completing a thorough eye health evaluation, and reviewing all the information with you in the consultation room.

Other tests your Reno optometrist will perform include:

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Visionary Eye Center is your home for custom visual solutions. With the Digital Lifestyle Exam, we’re able to detect vision problems before they get out of hand. Our eye doctor and team of specialists look forward to meeting you and your family and taking care of your eye vision needs. Connect with us today to schedule an appointment.
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