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Frame Lines & Eyeglasses Reno

Let’s face it. As important as healthy and clear vision is, everybody just wants to look amazing in glasses. Visionary Eye Center prides itself on offering the most unique and independent eyeglasses Reno has to offer; our frames are built on solid quality and great creative design. We want our patients to stand out from the crowd and have all their friends, family, and even strangers asking, “You look amazing. Where did you get those awesome glasses?”

Bespoke Eyewear

Bespoke eyewear is made to order for those looking for the perfect fit. Our bespoke collections allow the patient to express themselves, choosing color, style and size. They say glasses become part of a person’s identity, and who better to tell the world who you are than eyewear chosen and designed by you.
Tom Davies
Handcrafted in London, Tom Davies eyewear is produced from scratch using the finest Japanese acetates and Japanese and German Titanium. As each frame is designed specifically for the individual client based on personal measurements and style selections, you can be sure your frame is “one-of-a-kind”. Adding the final touch, your frame is personalized with an engraving of your choice on the inside temple arm.
Custom wooden eyewear from Feb31st is shaped by hand in Bergamo, Italy using sustainable poplar trees and earth friendly production methods. There is nothing like the warmth and feel of a wooden frame. Lightweight and incredibly comfortable, this is truly a statement piece of eyewear for the fashion and earth conscious. Choose your color pallet, design and fitting elements for a frame that will make them say, “Wow!”

Handcrafted Eyewear

When you run your hands over a handcrafted piece of eyewear you can literally feel the workmanship and care that went into making sure every part of the frame was made to perfection. These collections represent the idea that eyewear is meant to be functional, fashionable and everlasting.
Andy Wolf, Handmade
Andy Wolf eyewear is designed and handcrafted in Hartberg, Austria. The process to craft these unique frames includes over 90 working steps and is perfected by machines and professionals. High-quality acetate sourced from an Italian factory or first-rate metal are the building blocks for every Andy Wolf frame. 
Article One
Classic styles from Flint, Michigan based Article One eyewear are made from stainless steel and Mazzucchelli Acetate. Each frame is handmade in a few neighboring towns at the base of the Dolomites in Italy. A portion of each frame sold is donated to Helen Keller International to fight vitamin A deficiency, a leading cause of blindness in developing countries.
You’ve never felt a velvety smooth finish to a frame until you've had a Salt eyewear frame in your hand. Their uniquely smooth finish comes from polishing with bamboo chips. Designed on the coast of California and handcrafted in Japan from the finest Japanese acetates and titanium.
Randolph Engineering
The only metal frame still fully manufactured in the USA, it takes 6 weeks and 200 steps to hand produce the finest engineered frames available. Made just outside of Boston, this collection is built to US military standards, supplying our troops since 1982.

Find the Perfect Reno Eyeglasses & Frames

Call now or request an appointment to get your perfect pair of Reno eyeglasses.


Independent Eyewear

Independent eyewear from small manufacturers rely on quality and unique design to stand out from the crowd. These remarkable collections are made by companies that regularly push the boundaries in eyewear.
Bellinger is a Danish company, creating one of a kind colorful acetate frames using color combinations exclusive to their collection. Their use of compressed acetate and titanium create an incredibly comfortable and lightweight feel. When you want to be noticed, choose a Bellinger.
As the name suggests, these technical frames from Morel boast an incredibly light weight feel. Known for their unique and advanced screwless hinge design these are flexible and durable. Featuring designs using surgical grade stainless steel or their 3D printed polyamide with beta-titanium temple you won’t find a more comfortable frame.
Wiley X
This California based and veteran founded eyewear company has been producing the finest in protective eyewear for our military, law enforcement and civilian workplaces since 1987.  Highly durable with styles passing  ANSI standards for high velocity .22 caliber projectiles, you can be sure your eyes are protected by the best available.

Designer Eyewear

Popular designer eyewear from brand names you know and love.
Ray Ban
Known for its popular Wayfarer and Aviator models from the 1930’s, Ray-Ban is the most well-known eyewear line on the planet. Originally made by Canadian based Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Bans are now produced by Italian based Luxottica.
Born in California making handgrips for motocross, Oakely has developed into one of the most recognizable eyewear brands for sporting enthusiasts. Oakley is still headquartered in Southern California and owned by Italian based Luxottica.
Founded in Manhattan making billfolds and later women’s handbags, Coach has become an iconic women’s fashion brand. Coach frames are currently produced by Italian Base Luxottica.
Vera Wang
Famous for her wedding dresses, Vera Wang frames are known for their elegance and style. This line features authentic Swarovski crystals. Vera Wang frames are made in collaboration with US based Kenmark Eyewear.
The Original Penguin brand is known for its American sportswear, seen on icons like Arnold Palmer and Frank Sinatra. With an origin story involving a traveling salesman, a little too much whiskey and a stuffed penguin how can you not love this line? Produced in collaboration with US based Kenmark Eyewear.
The iconic preppy style of Izod has been carried over into eyewear in a collaboration with US based ClearVision Optical. Fresh, American styles with a weekend state of mind.
BCBG stands for bon chic bon genre, a French saying for good style and good attitude. A mix of west coast attitude and European styling this line is produced in collaboration with US based ClearVision Optical.

Value Eyewear

These lines offer great value for our patients and make great second or third pair options
CVO By Clear Vision
CVO, the house line from New York based ClearVision Optical. Providing quality, affordable eyewear for over 70 years.
Capri Optics
Capri Optics is a New York based company providing affordable and fashionable eyewear. We carry their Eyeconic, Trendy, Millennial, Flexure, Versailles and Peach Tree lines.
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