Visionary Eye Center

Pediatric Optometrist Reno NV

Undetected conditions like large amounts of hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism can lead to amblyopia, the leading cause of childhood blindness and easily treated by a visit to a pediatric optometrist in Reno NV. Eye turns (strabismus) can also be detected and treated with vision therapy or surgery to ensure your child develops proper depth perception. 

Unfortunately, many pediatricians are ill equipped to properly examine your child’s vision, relying on screening devices that often are not accurate. At Visionary Eye Center, we recommend exams by our skilled Reno NV pediatric optometrist using special techniques designed specifically for children using the proper examination equipment for their age.

We recommend examinations at the following times:
Between 6 months to a year to ensure the eyes are healthy and rudimentary binocular skills and vision are developing normally.
At age 3 to make sure the eyes are teaming well together and detect anything that may interfere with learning.
At age 5 to confirm there is nothing about their visual system that would hold back their ability to read easily and efficiently.
Every 1-2 years after 5 years of age depending on vision and family history.
Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about your child’s vision and make an appointment to start your child on the road to a lifetime of healthy and clear vision.
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