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Meet Dr. Bolenbaker

Reno Optometrist & Founder of Visionary Eye Center

Optometry is not just Dr. Bolenbaker's profession, it's his primary pursuit in life. This deep passion for optical knowledge motivates he and his staff to improve patients' vision and educate them about their eyes along the way. Dr. Bolenbaker prides himself on running an independent practice free of corporate influence. The focus is always on what is best for you, the patient.

Dr. Bolenbaker found a passion for optometry in his junior year of undergrad at Washington State University. Unsure of where he wanted his educational path to lead, he visited the career counselor. After taking aptitude tests, the optometry profession came back as a strong match for his analytical mind. From there, he decided to take the leap, and began observing the area optometrist. Only 30 hours of observation was required for optometry school applications, but he enjoyed it so much that he ended up with over 100 observation hours. 

Dr. Bolenbaker graduated from Pacific University’s College of Optometry in 2003, where he was an active member of the Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society. After earning his Doctor of Optometry Degree, Dr. Bolenbaker was approached by a manager of a commercial optical practice, seeing that he would be a great fit to run the adjacent office. While this propelled his career in Optometry, he became aware of the limitations in care he could provide in that environment. This inspired him to move to a space where he could practice in a way that was best for patients, as well as pursue some of the specialties now offered like low vision, dry eye, and hard to fit contacts. 
Dr. Bolenbaker is board certified in the treatment and management of ocular diseases, and holds membership in the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control as well as the Scleral Lens Society. Myopia control and slowing down the progression of children’s prescriptions is at the top of his list of services he enjoys providing. Being highly nearsighted and having a family history of retinal detachment himself, he takes comfort in knowing his practice is preventing such outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Bolenbaker enjoys orthokeratology, stating, "I’m amazed every time we see kids the morning after dispensing their Orthok molds and they walk in the office seeing 20/20 without glasses or contacts when they were 20/100 the day before."

Dr. Bolenbaker hails from the Seattle area, but graduated from Reno High School with honors. He and his wife have two kids: a son who's into baseball, and daughter who enjoys horse back riding. On days off, you'll find him fishing, watching football, weightlifting, tending to his fantasy football league, and dabbling in photography. 

As a small local business, we value patient relationships. Upon making an appointment, you’ll see the same doctor you’re familiar with, rather than a revolving door of physicians. Visionary Eye Center employs friendly, knowledgeable staff dedicated to assisting with your unique optical situation. Meet the rest of our awesome team that you'll see on your next visit to our practice!
Meet the Staff
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