Visionary Eye Center

Digitally Surfaced Lenses

Today’s lenses are technological marvels. There are so many great choices that it can be daunting to know which lens are right for you. Thankfully, the expert opticians at Visionary Eye Center are ready to help guide you to the best digitally surfaced lenses for your lifestyle. We continually review the latest technology to make sure we offer the best and most comfortable lenses. As an independent office we are free to cherry pick the best designs from IOT, Hoya, Zeiss, Seiko, Shamir, Essilor (Varilux and Crizal) and many more.

Digitally Surfaced Lenses vs Freeform

Don’t get fooled by the term “digital lenses.” All surfaced lenses since the late 1970’s have been “digitally” surfaced using computer controlled lathes. Claims of the increased accuracy of digital lenses ultimately don’t improve the wearer’s visual experience. What has changed over the last several years is the application of freeform lens design. Lenses, and the patient’s visual experience, are very much affected by the way a lens sits in the chosen frame. All frames tilt the lens along the vertical and horizontal axis along with varying how far away the lens is from the eye. This position of wear (POW) can now be accounted for with freeform lens processing, leading to wider fields of clear vision, less ghosting and eye fatigue. Therefore, a skilled optician taking accurate measurements is necessary to ensure the best vision.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about what lenses we offer, Contact Us or call us at 775.827.1100.
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