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Our Mission to Premier Eye Care

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Visionary Eye Center was born out of a desire to provide custom eye care solutions for our patients in the Reno-Sparks area. Each individual’s visual system provides a unique view of the world and we feel your glasses, contacts or magnifiers should be as unique as you are. So we love to offer bespoke frames and custom contact lenses to make sure we meet all of your eye care needs.

We take pride in our office being strongly independent. We aren’t a vertically integrated multi-practice chain, big box store, or national franchise, so you can build a relationship with our doctors. Just because we believe in old fashioned doctor-patient relationships don’t think we are stuck in the past. Our independence allows us the flexibility to use the latest technology and treatment options for each individual’s needs, so you’re not stuck with whatever bulk product or old technology the box store or website has on special.

We live by the philosophy that an educated patient makes better health decisions for themselves and their families. We strive to educate all of our patients about their treatment options so they can make the best choices for their care. Browse our site for all kinds of great information about eyes and vision and like our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest tips and offerings.

Our Reno eye doctor and staff look forward to meeting you at our office and taking care of your eye care needs.

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