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Corneal Ulcers & Infiltrates Treatment Reno, NV

Corneal ulcers

Corneal ulcers are small localized infections of the corneal surface. Ulcers typical occur from an injury to the eye or poor contact lens care habits. Most ulcers are bacterial based, though occasionally microbes like acanthamoeba or fungus are the cause. Many bacterial ulcers are easily treated with antibiotics, but acanthamoeba and fungal caused ulcers are much more serious, often requiring hospitalization. All ulcers can scar, leading to potential vision loss. Corneal ulcers can be prevented by avoiding overnight wear of your contacts lenses, proper contact lens cleaning habits and wearing safety eyewear to avoid trauma.

Corneal infiltrates

Corneal infiltrates are small grey-white lesion on the cornea. They are an acute immune response, most often caused by poor contact lenses habits. They are often confused for corneal ulcers, though they are not typically infectious. Steroid use is often necessary to calm the inflammation down.
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